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Fresh Vietnam travel reviews

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Fresh Vietnam travel reviews
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Fresh Vietnam travel reviews Hello Phoung
Thanks for the email. Everything was okay with the passport in the end. There was some confusion at the police station but Mr Giang was able to convince the local authorities that everything was in order.
The tour itself was amazing. We both had a really good time and enjoyed every minute of the journey. Mr Giang was a fantastic guide, his friendly attitude and humour were really appreciated. He was also really good about making sure we could find vegetarian food everywhere and ensuring that we had variety in our meals. Mr Danz was an amazing driver, he was very safe and very good in the difficult conditions. We felt very secure with his driving everywhere we went. He was also lovely and friendly.
Thank you very much for organising such a memorable trip for us.
Warm regards


Fresh Vietnam travel reviews Hi Phuong,
Firstly by your interesting with us. I have tell you that the boat trip for Halong Bay as the train were amazing and incredible.
The staff in the cruise was really friendly, the food was very well and quantity enough and the tour for the fishing village and the cave were very organized.
Thanks one more time for your support and great job.
My best regards.

Fresh Vietnam travel reviews
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