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Vietnam Hotels

This page provides information on fine selection of hotels in Vietnam

Vietnam hotels information
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Tourist facilities have vastly improved and most towns have small hotels and guest houses. In the major towns, there is a full range of accommodation to suit all budgets.
Both Hanoi and Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) have excellent standard hotels with the facilities expected in international-standard hotels such as air conditioning, room service, swimming pool, health club and good restaurants. There are also a number of beach resorts with deluxe hotels in excellent locations. Most towns frequented by tourists have at least one good standard hotel, although it may not always have facilities such as swimming pool or room service.
Most of the hotels are formally graded by Vietnam Administration of Tourism, but usually the price tells the standard of accommodation.
There are very many value-for-money guest houses, or mini-hotels, across the country, mainly without air conditioning and some with shared bathrooms or without hot water. Generally they are simply furnished but clean.
There are no campsites in Vietnam. Some travel companies arrange camping for organized groups on treks, and all the camping equipment is supplied.


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Hue ancient citadel, Vietnam
My Son holy land, Vietnam